How awesome would it be?

How awesome would it be if we could go on an amazing weekend trip! Escape from all the routine struggles and unwind after a long stressful week! Such an excursion is a blessing in disguise which helps tremendously to alter the mood of a person. 
How awesome would it be if such a trip turns out to be a completely enjoyable one! With beautiful moments in store for us and those moments turning out to become permanent memories which cannot be erased from our minds! Isn't that what we strive for? A happy life filled with lots of wonderful memories to look back and cherish.
How awesome would it be if we had the perfect company for the trip! With people who do not have anything to hide and be themselves. Like lots of wise people say, you can't wait for things to happen, you have to make an effort for it. Wouldn't it be double awesome if all the people around you make an effort to make your trip an enjoyable. It automatically spurs us to do our part in helpin…

The Paradise Parade !

Just another evening , with the calm breeze tempting the flocks , the sumptuous rays of the half-baked sun falling ineffectively and the birds tweeting back to their homes , varied emotions swivel with yet another day coming to an end! A walk , along with the best buddies is fittingly the best appreciation that the evening can be rewarded with! ' A long , lonely path which doesnt seem to have an end ' Is the apt description of a long walk with friends , where simply everything else around becomes immaterial , other people around seem invisible,the whole world is got down to the rubble and all barriers are broken !

 It is all zeroed down to the friends who are around , where imagination takes a toll , where gossips take center stage and where arguements reconcile ! The trust that is built up in these several minutes together , attains its ultimatum , where joy is divided , pain is shared and empathy is immunized!

 It turns out to be a very complicated journey where an unpreced…

An Excruciating Exile of an Extraterrestrial

Noted was the day when an extraterrestrial set foot on an entirely aliened place where it had lest wished to land upon. Forcefully pushed into a marathon mission, which is an epitome of its kind. Only the innocent creature that is subject to this roller coaster ride will be heralded to this nauseatic twists and turns throughout the journey. As it steps from a world of joy and freedom to a contrasting world of tension and boredom, adaptation becomes completely unimaginable. Indeed! Needless to say , the extraterrestrial empathizes a student , who has completed high school just about now and has entered into the vast world of an engineering university!

 It is really difficult to adjust to the new conditions and all the instructions imposed on them. Implementation of the instructions is a fateful right of every student who had cherished the enigmatic life of a school child. Gone are the days when studies were not just predominant and there was scope for various kinds of co-curricular acti…

The Strange Change Rage

Some friends are permanent, some friends are temporary, some are touch and go while some are purposeful, some are not so serious and most others are clueless as to where they stand! Whatever might be their status, there seems to be a particular drift of locations which tends to eat upon their relationship! As people move to new institutions or new workplaces, the connectivity among the friends with whom we had energized our time and fueled our memories, seem to wither away! They begin to act like a brood of chicks that tether within their barn totally focussed on twitching for their worm with secondary conscience that their flock is just around them!  With a change in surroundings and accumulation of new friends, the importance of the old pals unintentionally reduces!
In general, people tend to maintain their strong bonds with the ones who have always been close to their hearts. The real fiasco uproots when the best buddies seemingly accuse themselves to have changed a lot and claim t…